Vertical vs. Horizontal Evolution

We hold space for vertical evolution of being, within the present consciousness state, nota horizontal or linear outdated approach, in time and space continuum, where people set goals and never achieve or stress their system out throughout the process.

Values build on integrity. Integrity not as moral code but as an integration - law of nature.

When we are integrated within ourselves, we are united, not fragmented. Our perception, our state of being is anchored in unity with who we are, with nature, with life itself. We are demonstrating an alignment within our thoughts, words, and actions. Our world view is driven by our highest aspirations, not by our conditioned mind. The universe appears to be our ally, not opposition. We gain an ability to experience joy for the success of another because we are naturally fulfilled within. Life is elegantly happening for us, not to us. We are in harmony with the song of our soul.

That is a gift of vertical evolution of being!

When the energy is low, and we are caught up in conflict and drama of the fragmented reality; when everyone appears to be a competitor who is against us and our beliefs; when we are stuck in doubt and hesitation, claiming lack of clarity - there is no alignment, no integrity, no evolution.

One must choose for themselves to raise awareness and move into the direction of wisdom through learning and personal experience. It takes practice, persistence, and sincere interest for an elevated state of consciousness, for a taste of vitality, for an effortless flow of creative intelligence.

Our programs are a source of evolutionary practices and patient authentic support of your self-awareness journey. You are not your body, but your body is an expression of you!

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