Trust: Can You Ever Fully Trust Someone?

Trust does not exist outside of ourselves. Trust is a state of our being.

We either trust life itself, or we don’t.

When we are in a state of trust, we experience openness, spaciousness and surrender. Surrender to a natural flow of life. And even if “misconduct” happens, we trust the very fact that it happened. It happened for us and our growth, rather than it happened to us and our suffering.

We choose to trust life even when people demonstrate otherwise. We trust that they were not trustworthy. We trust that this was the way we had to experience it…we trust the trust itself.

When we are in the state of mistrust, we are in the state of threat at all times. We close, we contract, we separate from the outer world and people within because we don’t feel safe. We keep the guard up and stay alert for other’s “misconduct.”

We build walls. We become isolated. There is continued fear that we experience; fear of betrayal and abandonment. You see, when we experience all of this, it doesn’t matter if it actually ever happens in the outer world, because internally we have already lived the very hell of it.

Trust is not about other people and their behaviors. Trust is about You and your open heart.

What do you choose to experience in this lifetime? Your state becomes your life...

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