Time to Experience Happiness

As we continue to wait for happiness to arrive in the future, we are wasting precious moments of our lives. A daily routine, ordinary times – we want to avoid this at all costs. We often chase “unique” and “special” experiences in the hopes that they will define us. Such behavior can lead to extreme and reckless choices. Plus, the time between the “special” moments tends to become tasteless and lifeless.

In living this way, we avoid life itself. We miss the opportunity to see the extraordinary in every moment; a casual conversation, a simple smile, a walk outside.

Chasing certain experiences might bring pleasure, but it might not. Creating joy in every experience is for sure the path to fulfillment! Be extraordinary in your daily ordinary. Create a life that is truly worth living every day and enjoy the very process of creating it!

Let us all take this opportunity to reflect on the lessons and realizations from 2021 and decide what we are taking into 2022!

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