Let Others Love You As Much As They Can

We all have our expectations for Love. We want to be noticed, acknowledged, valued, prioritized… We demand attention. We want respect. We desire passionate embraces. We ask for deep conversations. We strike for quality connection. And don’t you dare forget the eye contact...

We are clear on how we want to receive Love.

We know what makes us feel good.

We are determined to get it too!

Doesn’t this sound like a scarcity mindset?

Isn’t Love supposed to be about Giving?

How do we switch from givers to takers?

We become almost beggars. We are ready to go to war to crack their hearts open. We get out of breath explaining how their love is not enough.

After all we get lost in searching for Love outside of ourselves…being completely blind to the grace of our own heart, to the state of Love that is always available within, to be our own essential nature…to share, to give, to cherish, to appreciate another, even when they are empty of the “love” that we desire to experience.

Awareness of such a behavior is the key.

Let the others be FREE and love you in their own unique way.

Accept it ALL! And be the Love that You Are.

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