Heart-Centered Meditation

The basic law of life is that we attract what we vibrate consistently. When we are feeling lack of something, we create circumstances that re-enforce that feeling.

When we experience disconnect and disharmony within, we begin to search outside of ourselves to fill the void. We become needy, looking to be noticed, acknowledged, valued, prioritized, heard. We demand attention. We fight for respect. We complain about shallow connections. What we forget to realize, is that when we are focused on lack, we become more empty than ever before.

What are we truly lacking here? What is underneath the endless search?


We are looking for love. We desire to be loved. We want to love. We crave to experience the divine presence of giving and receiving love itself.

How can we attract that?

When you catch yourself feeling “not-enough” and “un-worthy” of love, make a conscious choice to change your focus to what you desire to experience instead. If you want to experience love, become that love. Connect to the loving feeling in your heart, observe the preciousness of every breath that you take, witness the love that is loving you in every moment.

Through the practice of heart-centered meditation we create a conscious shift from scarcity mindset to abundance. We open the doors to our own heart intelligence that is already filled with love and warmth that we have been searching for. The Grace is within you, You are the Grace….Experience it for yourself through our deep practice of Pranayama & Kriya Yoga.

If you are ready to:

  • Shift your thought patterns

  • Enliven your energy

  • Access the state of receptivity and trust

  • Radiate the Love that you already are

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