Grateful for Togetherness

Holidays have the power to magnify the energy that we already experience within!

For some it will be kindness, care and love; for others it can be separation, emotional pain and, perhaps, fear...

My invitation here for all of us is to anchor into the feeling of compassion.

When we come from the space of compassion, our heart will be generous enough to embrace everything and everyone in the deep acceptance and kind attention. We can meet everyone in the patience of the moment and listen to their stories with compassionate presence. We can love on every wound, we can allow any complaint, we can heal any pain, together.

OR we can meet them with resistance! We can unspeakably reject every word and every thought they have to share. We can push their emotional pain with judgment and shame.

Who do you choose to be?

In this very moment...

What place do you choose to come from?

What state of your being do you choose to share?

Remember, with that very choice we either move into the direction of togetherness or separation, direction of unity or isolation, direction of love or fear...

Invite the compassion to guide you! Through compassion we gain the ability to move into the direction of togetherness. Compassion for yourself in the first place...and therefore compassion for others.

What does togetherness really mean? Does it have to be physical? Hugs and holding hands? Or is it energetic? Holding each other in loving awareness and in the depth of our compassionate hearts...

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