Emotional Addiction, Emotional Mastery

People think that life happens to them, that people are ungrateful and circumstances are unfair. Is that so? Or is it our inability to see beyond our own emotional reactions to the situation?

We are so addicted to the chemicals that are rushing through our veins when we get angry or frustrated that we can’t see beyond the doubt or fear that has the capacity to paralyze us from action. We simply stop breathing when anxious thoughts are on the roll!

How do I know? Because I experienced it myself for the last decade.

But how do I really know? Because I’ve meditated, practiced Kriya Yoga and I raised internal awareness around my thinking patterns that trigger certain emotions! Those emotions lead us to make the same choices and behaviors! Those behaviors create the same painful experiences that drive the same thoughts!

This is exactly how we develop our own emotional vicious cycles! To become Aware of your addictive emotional cycles is the beginning of the Mastery Path.

To break through is not easy, but possible.

The Joy, Love, Acceptance and Gratitude can truly be your state of being, not just a blurry concept from social media...

Take a deep breath, reach out to those who love you and have an ability to support you!

You are loved! You are not alone!

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