Beginning of Transformation

The desire to transform is not a transformation itself. Yes, we begin to gain awareness that something is out of alignment. At first we see it in our environment and in the people around us. Then we gain an ability to look deeper inward and realize that incongruity starts there. Disharmony inside is a true call for transformation.

But how? Where do we start?

Transformation can only emerge from honesty, vulnerability and surrender. Transformation is a raw process. In one word - authenticity. It took me years to understand what that word really means. And as I was peeling my layers of conditioning; discovering the reality of lies that I created within my own mind has been shocking.

Who to be honest with? Your Self.

Who to be vulnerable with? Your Heart.

Who to surrender to? Your Life.

Your life is designed to work out!

I used to believe that transformation of self will lead to transformation in life. Now I know that transformation will lead to acceptance of the life that you already have. Life does not need transformation, our mind does.

The time to transform is Now. Why waste another precious moment away from love, joy and surrendering to what is...

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