5 Layers of Being: An Integrated Approach

At Breathwise Coaching we are interested in an integrated approach to mindfulness, where consciousness is addressed on every layer of our being. Through an integrated approach we gain an ability to address ourselves as a whole and move into the direction of unity and harmony within. Through different modalities and practices we work with our awareness to expand and uplift the #energy, to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world, to realize how everything is interconnected and create a possibility for healing and wellbeing.

According to ancient knowledge there are five fundamental layers to our being: physical, energy, mental, (ego-programming), wisdom, bliss. They represent different levels of vibration of energy, from denser to more subtle. On every level there is a piece of intelligent information, no level is inert. The Bodies are interconnected and influence eachother. The shift in the vibrational value of one layer will create a corresponding shift in therespective four layers.

That is why we are interested in addressing all the layers to develop sustainable evolution. The understanding and the knowledge of the five levels of helping master your energy, to become a person who is energy-rich and create an energy-rich environment around yourself to support the continuous growth.

Physical Body, the Body of Matter:

Our physical body is the densest layer of all and represents the material layer of existence. It is the body that we identify with the most. This layer is highly intelligent, it is breathing, digesting food, circulating the blood, and performing other life-important functions seemingly on its own.

At the first stages of our awakening process we say that we are a physical body that is having a spiritual experience. And as we continue to evolve, we realize that we are the spirit/the energy that is having a physical experience. At the physical level, certain discipline is required to refine and prepare the physical body for higher levels of energy and expanded awareness. We experience health not by the physical look, but by the way we experience the vitality of energy that flows within the body. As a first step, we need to increase body-awareness.

Recommended practices:

Asana (physical body awareness, refinement of the five senses, distributing, grounding and integrating the energy)

● Breathwork & Kriya (designed to create a specific energetic shift at the cellular level, releasebio-memory, strengthening your energy field)

● Mindful eating (non-violent, organic, plant-rich, variety of food) n

● Sleep and deep rest

● Exercise

● Nourishing tough (oxytocin)

● Herbs

● Clothing in support of movement and energy

● Environment energy-rich

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