3 Tips to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is a tendency to worry about the future. The mind disconnects from the presentmoment and goes on the journey to wonder about what’s next. When we use positive imagination, we dream about the potential outcome. When we explore negative possibilities, it creates doubt, fear, frustration. So how do we deal with Anxiety? The power lies within the ability to maintain your attention in the present moment. There are many tools available to raise your awareness and strengthen your capacity to focus, to be present, and to be right where you are. The power lies within the ability to maintain your attention in the present moment:

1. Breath. Our mind is powered by breath. When breath moves, the mind moves as well.In that case, the practice of conscious breathing and breath retention is the key.

Practice: inhale for 3 counts, hold your breath at the top of inhalation for 3 counts, exhale for3 counts, hold your breath at the bottom of exhalation for 3 counts.

2. Acceptance. Any negative emotions show up when we resist what it is. It can be a situation, a person, or our feelings. We often develop an idea that shouldn’t be this way, instead, it should be a different way. The faster we adapt to an attitude of acceptance, the faster we will release the resistance and accept the present moment just the way it is, allowing life to simply be, and allowing ourselves to simply be. There is a feeling of great peace in acceptance of it.

Practice: observe your verbiage around the words Could or Should, Couldn’t or Shouldn’t. See what you're resisting in this current situation. Acknowledge the fact that it is already occurring. We do not have the power to change the past, yet we have the #power to accept the present and create the future by accepting what is.

3. Gratitude. Develop an attitude of gratitude for the present moment and life in general. Invite your mind to find things in your reality to appreciate. In any given circumstances there is always something to be grateful for, regardless of how small or big, good or bad, right or wrong are merely a judgment. Look past the critical mind to develop a state of gratitude.

Practice: write down 3 things that you are grateful for today. Reflect on what showed up for you. Revisit your list every morning and continue to add new things to it. This will help to build a powerful relationship between you and your connection with the heart center.

Inhale consciously with full awareness to the breath, hold the breath with acceptance of the present moment Exhale with gratitude for this moment, for this breath, for life itself.

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