Join us in Circle to experience deep healing & integration.

Intro to Psychedelics: Preparation & Integration
June 11th | 4-7pm

Learn about the power of psychedelic medicine in relation to mental health, where scientific research meets our divine nature face to face. Introduction to Psychedelics: Preparation & Integration Join us to learn about the scientific approach to psychedelic medicine for mental health, and the heart-centered healing integration practices that enable lasting transformation. Hear from experts in medicine and psychedelic therapy during a panel discussion on the latest research on, and benefits of, psychedelics as medicine. Speakers will also share guidance on how to properly prepare for a psychedelic experience. The discussion will be followed by a session of healing practices including breathwork, Kriya, meditation and vibrational healing – all powerful tools in the psychedelic integration process. Expert speakers and wellness leaders include: ✨ Michelle Weiner, DO, MPH, Medical Cannabis, CBD and Ketamine Expert and Educator ✨ Julia Mirer, MD, Consultant in the emerging field of psychedelic medicine and Advisor for The Plant Medicine Coalition ✨ Bianca Abbott, LunaFast Co-Founder, Licensed Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner and Transformational Wellness Coach ✨ Irina Vlada, Evolve Co-Founder, Awareness Coach, Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Integration Coach ✨ Zoel, The Move-Ment Co-Founder, Conscious Artist and Music Producer

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Psychedelic Integration Circle
June 22 | 8pm

Virtual integration circle provides a safe space and confidential opportunity to share your psychedelic experience, as you learn from others. In this circle you will receive supportive tips on how to integrate the feelings and insights from the psychedelic experience into your daily life. The collective goals of the integration circle are to cultivate lasting change in your life and heal the underlying cause of mental and emotional distress.

Recovery Circle:
Food Addictions
June 29 | 8pm

Join our Recovery Circle, safe space to share, to reflect and to receive empowering support on how to move towards the fulfilling life. This circle is for anyone who struggles with addictive patterns that no longer serve them, and who is ready and willing to create a lasting change! In June we will focus on Food Addictions and Eating Disorder challenges, raising awareness around what is underneath the struggle. Join our discussion and sharing circle on how to turn your circumstances of addiction into an epic story of personal transformation! You have the power ✨

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