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Self Mastery Journey

Join me for our next three month coaching journey with weekly

check-ins, readings and course work. 

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Refine your authentic self and anchor into your personal power

We Help Clients

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Build self confidence and be free of opinions of others 

  • Regulate self-doubt and turn feelings of inadequacy into high self worth

  • Develop a hierarchy of values or connect to existing values 

  • Relate to others in a healthy and authentic way

  • Manage addiction and overcome unhealthy habits

  • Create a healthy routine of Conscious Rituals to connect deeper within

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About The Program

It takes courage to look deeper inward, yet you can only meet the world and others as deeply as you meet yourself. It’s through self discovery that we gain greater self awareness, which allows us to be more present, make conscious choices and foster a healthy self image.


Through the Self Mastery Journey, you will practice exactly that: refining your understanding of your authentic self and anchoring into your personal power. This three-month program will raise your awareness around your current habits and guide you to create Conscious Rituals that support your personal growth and evolution. You will discover where you are in life, where you wish to go and how you choose to show up. 

Month 1


Undergo a process that allows your hierarchy of values to emerge with crystal clarity. In this phase, you’ll set the stage for living authentically in a state where core values and external behaviors are in harmony. You will uncover what truly makes you feel fulfilled and embrace your power as the master of your own life, so you can start to shape it in a way that is uniquely yours.

Month 2


Developing your personal culture and creating Conscious Rituals are key steps on the transformative path to self awareness. This phase of the journey integrates the physical body (cultivating the art of self-care), the energy body (developing the art of emotions) and mental body (mastering the art of self-talk). Here you will determine the practices that will bring your external behavior into harmony with the vibration of your desires.

Stepping into Growth

What to Expect

We created a completely virtual version of our 12-week coaching program to allow you freedom and accountability for your Self Mastery Journey. 

  • Every Sunday you will receive an email with a guiding process for the week

  • Allow yourself to allocate two hours to complete the weekly exercises

  • You are encouraged to submit your exercises to receive feedback

  • Receive a certification of completion of the Self Mastery Journey

What You’ll Gain

​All you need is the courage to dive deep inside, presence to create space for yourself and a personal journal for self-reflection notes. 

  • Clarity around who you are and where your path can lead

  • An awareness of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • A strong connection to your personal power and deep sense of being enough

  • Self-love, self-compassion and gratitude towards others

Month 3


Maintaining newly-established rituals calls for discipline and emotional intelligence, or what we refer to as self mastery. Step into growth through Conscious Rituals and a gratitude practice designed to help you navigate the world mindfully. During the final phase, you will discover new tools to help you stay in a place of alignment, including meditation techniques, breathwork and yoga asanas.

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"Irina has guided me through the past two years of my life. Everything changed when we met. Before we connected, I faced cyclical patterns of unconscious habits, thoughts and actions that hindered my personal and professional growth. This came along with constant anxiety.
Irina gently met me where I was, and helped me gain awareness. We started with clarifying my personal values, and those have been my North Star. From there, I gained trust and peace in my life.  Trusting the process of life."


Eva Mastoras, Amazon, Team Lead

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About Irina

As an Awareness Coach, Irina’s path is deeply rooted in the discovery and exploration of the authentic self. This path has led her to co-create 8evolve, the app connecting mindful leaders and clients from all over the world, uniting them to build a worldly conscious community. 


Her mission has always been to hold space for people to connect, grow and evolve. Irina is fully present when you meet with her; she listens intently and speaks with consideration. The authenticity of her interactions invites the same in those who come in contact with her.

Irina’s personal story is a powerful narrative that blends international roots, world travel and unique experiences as well as adversity, addiction and new beginnings. She is a consummate student of life, yoga, philosophy and academics.

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