Your Personal Recovery Journey

Free yourself from addiction. Turn your circumstance of addiction into an epic story of personal transformation.

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Personal Recovery is a process that gives depth and meaning to healing and growing from addiction, as well as a sense of radical self responsibility and ability to self regulate.

This is your opportunity to redesign your life, your relationship, your career and therefore your future.

This is your opportunity to change

  • Transform your mindset to feel resilient, focused and peaceful

  • Bring your body to health with detoxification and a new image

  • Build your character and gain confidence and personal power

  • Design your lifestyle so you thrive in work, at home and socially

  • Create your relationships to feel authentic connections

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Your Personal Recovery Journey

When we say addiction, we mean any habitual behavior or thought pattern that negatively effect your life. Let's use addiction as a launching pad for personal growth.


This approach is for you to transform shadows, heal traumas, and integrate all sides of your psyche back into wholeness.


Refine your understanding of your authentic self and anchor into your personal power with coaching support all the way through.


Raise your awareness around your current addicting habits and be guided to create conscious rituals that support your personal growth and lasting change.


You will discover where you are in life, where you wish to go and how you choose to show up.


Undergo a process that allows your hierarchy of values to emerge with crystal clarity and feel whole again.


Set the stage for living authentically in a state where core values and external behaviors are in harmony.


Uncover what truly makes you feel fulfilled and embrace your power as the master of your own life!


Developing your personal culture and creating Conscious Rituals are key steps on the transformative path.


This phase of the journey is where you integrate every layer of your being: the physical body, the energy body and mental body.


You'll have personalized practices to bring your life and behaviors into harmony with the vibration you desire!

Stepping into Growth

Personal Recovery Coaching

  • Find the support you need through your recovery journey.

  • Personal recovery coaching will support you in all the stages of addiction recovery.

  • We understand the mechanisms behind all the stages of addiction and our coaching addresses the root causes of the issue to help you overcome your addiction once and for all.

Psychedelic Integration Coaching

  • Our psychedelic integration coaching supports individuals through any big experience. We are experts in holding space for transforming one’s inner self and helping people properly integrate these occurrences for sustained positive changes in their life. We offer integration coaching for psychedelic treatments. 


Maintaining newly-established rituals calls for discipline and emotional intelligence, or what we refer to as self mastery.


During the final phase, you will discover new tools to help you stay in a place of alignment and be on the permanent road to thriving.

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"Irina has guided me through the past two years of my life. Everything changed when we met. Before we connected, I faced cyclical patterns of unconscious habits, thoughts and actions that hindered my personal and professional growth. This came along with constant anxiety.
Irina gently met me where I was, and helped me gain awareness. We started with clarifying my personal values, and those have been my North Star. From there, I gained trust and peace in my life.  Trusting the process of life."


Eva Mastoras, Amazon, Team Lead

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About Irina

As a Transformational Addiction Recovery Coach, Irina’s path is deeply rooted in the discovery and exploration of the authentic self. Her mission has always been to help people align with the person they need to be to love themselves. 

Irina’s personal story is a powerful narrative that blends international roots, world travel and unique experiences as well as adversity, addiction and new beginnings. Now she leads Psychedelic Integration Circles and Psychedelic Panel Discussions to raise awareness around the power of intentional use of psychedelic medicine. She is a consummate student of life, yoga, philosophy and academics. 

Looking for guidance on where to begin?
Personal Transformation & Addiction Recovery

Your addiction recovery journey is specific, private and customized. Please take a moment to schedule your complimentary addiction recovery call so we can discuss the best plan of action for you.